5 Super-easy makeup hacks for lazy girls who still want the perfect skin

5 Super-easy makeup hacks for lazy girls who still want the perfect skin

Get a fabulous face, fast with these bare minimum but smartly strategized lazy girl makeup hacks!

Have all the makeup products lying around right in your dresser but don’t want to put in that extra time and effort to use them? Yes, we can totally resonate with you. The best eye pencil, lipstick and mascara you got two months ago is not getting utilized because you cannot compromise your sleep for a 10 minutes makeup routine. Well, it is totally okay to admit that you cannot be one of those girls who have fun while following a high maintenance makeup routine almost EVERYDAY (How do they do that??).

We, at Ruby’s Organics, we have got 5 super-easy makeup hacks for you lovely, lazy ladies. Try few of these low maintenance makeup hacks the next time you have only 5 minutes to go WHILE you complete your beauty sleep. Thank us later!  ?

  1. Skip the foundation and work the concealer

Instead of applying foundation on your entire face, spot-conceal blemishes where needed. This takes 10 seconds and leaves you with an effortless and flawless looking skin. Keep handy a concealer that matches your skin tone. If the concealer is easy to apply, nothing like it! Try an organic cream concealer (neutral shade) which you can also easily use to get a foundation-like coverage by mixing it with your moisturizer or primer. Easy, right?

  1. Bronzer is as simple as drawing the number 3

Did that just go bouncer? Don’t worry, you just read the best makeup trick in the town. You don’t have to be a makeup expert or a makeup artist to know how to contour your face. Apply the bronzer in the shape of ‘3’ for a quick contour instead of applying it all over your face. Apply it over your forehead, cheekbones and jawline. This will make you look like you put in a lot of effort in your makeup while all you did was the bare minimum.

Check out this mineral bronzer with luminous tint made up of only the good stuff, no chemicals.

  1. Brighten your eyes in seconds with a nude liner

As Indian girls, we all love the jet black kajal in our eyes. But just give this a try and see how you can look more natural and fresh throughout the day. Line the inner rim of your lower lash line with a peachy-nude coloured liner. This will cancel out any redness and will make you look instantly awake. It’s all about creating the perfect illusion.

  1. Natural-looking darker brows with mascara

Your eyebrows can change the definition of your face. Although not all of us are blessed with fuller-looking eyebrows but most of us wish we had the brows of Cara Delevingne. Use your mascara wand to lightly brush over your brows. The trick is to not get the mascara you are using on your skin to make it look as natural as possible. A brow mascara can add a more dramatic yet believable deeper brows effect.

  1. Use the same colour on your cheeks, lips and eyes

If you are in a pinch, you could use the same colour on your cheeks, eyes and lips. While a blush can instantly give a fresh glow on your face, the lipstick will draw attention and your eyes will get compliments as they will look like you really put in some efforts. A crème blush like this poppy pink shade can be your go-to product for all three face areas. It is extremely light weight and highly pigmented. You can choose any shade that will accentuate each area, apply the product lightly and then blend properly.

Check out this video that shows FOUR ways you can use a crème blush.

Shine on! …even if you’re lazy.

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Words by: Kirtika Biyani

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