A Christmas Gifting Guide

A Christmas Gifting Guide

The perfect guide to buying gifts for your girlfriends.Christmas is all about spreading warmth and happiness but what makes christmas special? Spending time with family and friends, sipping hot cocoa and eating a bucket full of cookies but the most important thing and always will be are THE GIFTS.
Gifts always have a way of making us feel special and happy especially if it given by people we adore. They don’t always have to be practical and useful but serve the simple purpose of appreciating a bond.
With secret santa becoming a norm in friend groups we decided to make your job easier with a guide of buying the best gifts for your ‘girl friends’ and your girlfriends.
You can never be one hundred percent sure that the person will like the gift you give but if you have a rough idea of what the person likes or dislikes gives you a headstart. If you have no idea of what the person will like sticking to the basics is better, if it is an office colleague a cute pen drive or a mug with a motivational quote are safe options.
Here is a list of the top not five but six things we could think of that would make for the perfect gift!

1. Every person is in at least one fandom and if they are your friend you might know that one show they are always talking about most likely Friends or Game of Thrones. A fandom related accessory like a Gryffindor house scarf, a superhero figurine, a Death Note notebook, etc will probably be a good gift and might even result in some serious fangirling so gift at your own risk. There are multiple websites that give you amazing options!

2. Who says socks are the worst gifts? We definitely don’t think so and they are in fact all the rage this season. Gifting something warm during christmas can actually be very adorable. A jumper or a sweatshirt that won’t just add to your friends already stylish wardrobe but will be very useful to them.

3. A handmade gift is always appreciated, a gingerbread man might just help with the winter blues. Christmas always reminds us of sipping delicious hot chocolate and eating the best baked goods and the sweet and comforting scent it offers. If baking is not your forte, what about a hot chocolate mix that requires no cooking but is the cutest and probably the yummies gift. Throw in some cocoa powder, Marshmallow, your friends favorites chocolate pieces, some sugar and a lot of love in a mason jar and voila your creative and customisable gift is ready. Head to this blog on how to make your very own mix.

4. Christmas is all about spreading the light and the warmth and like we all know a scent is the best memory instigator there is. A scented candle from a local brand, a light perfume spray with christmas-y scents also make for great gits.

5. Some like staying in and some like going out and sometimes it feels great to dress up, if you overheard your friend talk about how desperately they need that lipstick shade they saw at their last window shopping trip to the mall, you know it will make them very happy to get it and you can be assured that they will be using it. A shimmery highlighter to add a little more shine to the festive season could just be the right gift for a friend who loves makeup or has recently started experimenting with it. What if you could buy makeup that had skin care benefits that are much needed for winter? Ruby’s Organics offers an amazing range of lipsticks, concealers and highlighters with just that.

6. We all have experienced rough skin and know the power of a great lotion and a nourishing sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs and bath salts help nourish and moisturise the skin and get rid of all the dead winter skin so maybe a skin care product could be the way to go. To save some money you could even make your own bath salts.

A novel by your friends favorite author (if they don’t already have all of them) or a playlist could also prove to be a gift that will let the person you are gifting it to know you care.
P.S: Do not forget to gift yourself with not just a present but lots of love!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year and luck for finding the right gift.

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