About Ruby’s Organics

Our Intention

Beauty is really in self-expression. It cannot be defined by powders and pigments.

We believe beauty is how you bring to life the best version of yourself while staying true to who you really are. Makeup is simply a tool to help achieve that version of yourself and we hope that Ruby’s Organics can be that tool for you. 

What We Do

In the hope of making women gleam with joy, we have used only natural and organically sourced ingredients to develop an entire range of makeup staples, and additionally infused the products with bio-active ingredients that will nourish and care for your skin.
Our intention from the very beginning was to turn makeup into value added skin-care, simply because it’s not impossible to do.

Makeup is a choice; you’re still going to glow
But what we want, is to give you access to a better choice – one that is truthful and one that you can trust.

About the founder

“For me, creating an ‘honest brand’ laid the foundation for Ruby’s Organics.
Being a huge cosmetic aficionado, I did consume every available product in a jar, bottle, and palette for years until I learned first-hand how toxic most cosmetics can be. It urged me to want to make a difference by creating an alternative that is kind to our environment and our skin” – Rubeina.K


Saloni Jha

I have been looking for an ethical beauty brand which uses organic ingredients and is insanely addictive. My search ends at Ruby’s Organics. I believe in the brand’s philosophy and love to wear it every day!

Sonam Chanda, Makeup Artist

I have been wearing the lipstick “sweet pea” literally every day since I got it, sometimes layered with gloss and most times as a stand-alone shade. The consistency and pigment are amazing! I love that I can get a stain or build it to a statement lip. Can’t wait to get my hands on more shades and try more products. Also, being organic is a HUGE plus.

I love it guys!:) it’s a beautiful color, and it doesn’t feel ‘heavy’ on the lips. I forget I have Lipstick on after a while. With usual lipsticks, I can’t wait to get them off.

Clover Wootton, Celebrity Makeup Artist

I’m so happy there is finally an Indian brand of make-up that not only works great but cares for your skin and does not harm animals in the process. The lip colors are all gorgeous modern classics and highly pigmented to boot. I keep the tinted lip balm and cream bronzer in my bag for an easy day-to-day glow.

Chandi Sareen, Model

I love anything organic! Been waiting on organic makeup. Love Ruby’s Organics products, I think they’re gonna be part of my daily routine.

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