Breaking Concealer Myths


Buying concealers seems to be the only the problematic part of your decision making process when you’re standing at the makeup counter. Endless shades, textures and compatibility options to choose from. Sometimes even trying them at stores and subsequently at home has different results, leaving us feeling discouraged. We’ve gathered up some common myths below to help clarify your doubts, in the hope of making your next purchase easier.

Myth 1 – Concealer should be lighter than your skin tone –

We get the idea behind choosing a lighter shade of concealer— to balance out dark undereye circles, but sadly, a lighter shade will only make the skin under your eyes appear ashy and blue, your concealer should be as close to your skin colour as possible so that it easily blends in. Unless you’re really looking to brighten up areas of your face, avoid using lighter shades of concealers.

Myth 2 – Concealer should be thick –

Concealers should be as fluid and lightweight in texture and consistency. These allow for buildable coverage, which means you build on just the right amount whether it’s heavier coverage or lightweight.

Myth 3 – Concealer before foundation –

On the contrary, Apply foundation all over first; then assess your face in the mirror, you may not need as much concealer as you think! Dab it only to the areas where it’s needed. Concealer is thicker than foundation, so this technique will look much more natural allowing for optimal coverage without going overboard and additionally will last longer.

Words by Rubeina.K

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