Common Beauty Faux Pas Women Tend To Make


  • It doesn’t matter how adept we are in the realm of beauty, there are some common pitfalls we should avoid. 

    Wrong shade of foundation

    Try out a few shades closest to your skin tone on your jawline, go out in the sunlight, and pick the shade that looks the most natural. You can also try mixing two shades, if none suit your undertone perfectly.


    Wearing makeup while working out

    When the skin is warmer, makeup sat on skin can be absorbed easier, increasing chances of skin congestion and blockages.


    Going overkill with bold lips and bold blush

    If the focus of your look is lips, then keep rest of the makeup minimal, bare even for a bold yet sophisticated look.


    Not using clean makeup brushes

    can lead to bacteria buildup, skin irritation, clogged pores and eventual deterioration of the brush itself.


    Forgetting to prime skin-

    One of our biggest beauty mistakes. Let’s take a minute to reiterate the benefits of primer – while it may seem merely like yet another layer of product, with primer your makeup will go on easier, last longer and become humidity proof. Primer seals pores hence is also a skincare product.


    Common mistake with concealer

    Buying one that is 2-3 shades lighter than foundation, only brings attention to the area where it’s applied; when trying to hide dark circles you need a colour corrector (peach for blue and purple under eye tones) Also, avoid applying it in a moon shape under your eyes, rather apply it in a triangle shape under the eye to brighten entire eye area.


    Applying too much makeup

    Try to let your skin show. Too much powder will make your look cake-y, while too much blush will lead to the infamous clown effect. Instead, apply a light coat of foundation/bb cream and then concealer to target specific areas.


    Not blending properly

    – Your face and neck should look the same colour– blend down so that the face is the same shade as the rest of the body. Blending effectively gives you better coverage and a seamless finish, allowing your makeup to look flawless and professional.

    Words by Aishwarya Acharya

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