Heal your skin from within and glow naturally

Heal your skin from within and glow naturally

Want great skin that glows without any makeup? We reveal foods that we swear by for a healthy radiance – and those that must never pass your lips.

Often in our life, we forget how important it is to feed nutrition to our face. Link between our skin health and diet has been firmly established and the food we eat affects acne, wrinkles, sagging and even hyper-pigmentation. If you’d asked a dermatologist 5 years ago whether changing your diet could make your skin look better, they would have muttered something about ‘everyone should eat a balanced diet,’ and sent you on your way. It’s certainly true. ‘It’s in the genes’ isn’t the whole story because there is plenty you can do to improve the state of your face.

Starting with the food habits that you should steer clear of…

What NOT to eat

A diet high in sugar and high-glycaemic index (GI) carbohydrates such as white rice, pasta, bread, and sweets have now been shown to cause inflammation in the body that can make the skin age much quicker.

Dutch scientists were the first to make a direct link between the amount of sugar circulating in the blood, and how old a person looks. It found the higher the amount of sugar a person ate, the older they looked. (If you are cringing, you know I am talking to you ?)

If you are suffering from regular acne breakouts or rashes, there is a very good chance you have an overgrowth of yeast in your body and your bacteria (the army in your body to fight off disease) is out of balance. Sugar in any form, even in fruit, feeds yeast and throws this bacterial balance out even further. Focus on low sugar fruits like green apples, berries, grapefruit, lemons and limes.

Ditch the low-fat diet

You might get someone that is really thin, and is eating a lean, low-fat diet, and drinking plenty of water, but their skin may look dry, dehydrated, and with a certain grey colour. That’s dehydration because they don’t have enough good fat content in their diets which means the skin is unable to retain its water. We suggest eating good fats such as coconut oil for cooking, nuts such as almonds, Brazils and walnuts, avocados and oily fish.
Heal your skin – Feed your face

Sticking to low-GI diet (eating foods with a GI of 50 or under) and avoiding sugary foods will help your skin. Eating lean proteins such as beef, lamb, chicken, fish and plenty of vegetables is advised.

Here are some power food items that you should include in your daily diet to heal your skin from within and glow naturally –


Berries are a good source of antioxidant (A substance that removes potential damaging agents in a living organism). Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries help to slow down the rate the skin ages. One of the properties of blueberries is water, in fact, blueberries are made up of 80% of water and it can hydrate the skin from the inside out.


Some people decrease their consumption of nuts due to the high calories. But nuts are actually a healthy source of fat which the body needs. Fats from nuts are healthier than animal fat and it’s rather easier for the body to process and digest fats from nuts than fat from animals. he vitamin E found in nuts such as almonds can help to nourish your skin and protect it from the suns damaging UV rays.


If you are not drinking enough water your skin will become dry and flaky. Water helps to flush toxins from the body and improve the condition of the skin over time.

Beauty benefits of drinking plenty of water include –

Healthy scalp

Strong hair and nails

Clear bright eyes

Aids weight loss!

Smoother skin

Reduces wrinkles

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

The types of food with omega 3 fatty acid are:

Salmon, Tuna, Nut oils, Tofu, Spinach, Walnuts and Pumpkin seeds.

The advantage of taking omega 3 helps reduce skin inflammation and stimulate the production of healthy skin.

Organic Green Tea

A glass of cold or hot green tea (as per the weather) is beneficial for our overall health. The natural antioxidant found in green tea, called Polyphenols, helps block skin-cancer cells development. Green tea also aids in reducing acne and creates a brighter and even looking skin.

Extra Tip to give your skin the Extra Boost

Use natural or chemical free skin care products especially for sensitive skin. Natural products do not clog pores, have no harsh chemicals and it helps to soothe irritated skin. These products also help the skin look hydrated.

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