How to incorporate shades of purple this fall

How to incorporate shades of purple this fall

  • It’s been known that shades of Burgundy and Plum storm the runways every fall. Whether it’s plum nail polish or oxblood lips, these dark colours can help you make a statement this season. It has also become a personal favourite amongst hair stylists who have used inspiration from the spectrum of purple to create fiery reds and deep maroons.Wine red and berry tones have made an appearance in wardrobes through hair colour, shoes, clothing and accessories- and adding it to your beauty mix can help you achieve a fierce vampy, yet modern effect.

    While it might be a little intimidating to try deeper hues for the first time, if you get the basics right, this pigment may well become your favorite bold lip.

    Here are a few pointers to be kept in mind to rock the Burgundy trend:
    If you wish to experiment with Berry lips this winter, try one that matches your skin tone and/or hair colour. Generally, ladies with lighter skin tones generally look better in pink hues like Ruby’s Organics lipstick in Plum while those with darker skin tones tend to look better in brown tones Ruby’s Organics lipstick in Raisin.

    Lipsticks in blue undertones will look great on cool-toned ladies, and in small doses, it can even make your teeth look whiter. To complete the look, add a little glitter to your eyelids and on top of your cheekbone. You can also keep the rest of the face bare, with lush lashes.

    Darker lips can also make your lips look thinner, so if your have relatively thin lips, you might want to overdraw them slightly close to your natural lip outline. Also, if your face appears washed out with your dark lips, apply a little bronzer to liven it up and add colour.

    When it comes to tones of Burgundy, it’s all about playing around with balance, texture and depth. Darker and browner shades of this versatile and universally flattering colour can be used on the crease of your eyelids to make them stand out as well as add dimension. For a softer, more office-friendly look, apply it lightly across your eyelids and focus on the outer V of the eye.

    Adding shades of this covetable colour can give your look a jolt of drama, while being bold, fresh and feminine.

    Words by Aishwarya Acharya

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