How to perfect the no-makeup trend- with makeup of course!

How to perfect the no-makeup trend- with makeup of course!

Here is the ultimate beauty breakdown for the trending makeup routine – the no-makeup makeup.

While we often choose to over indulge in beauty products that are sitting at our dressing tables and are a result of impulsive purchases, think about all the absolute rubbish you’re burdening your skin with.

Pick out 3-4 absolute essentials and use them wisely.

Here’s what you can do –

Step 1 – Pick a sunscreen or tinted moisturizer as per your need, and if you don’t have a tinted moisturizer (make sure it’s free of synthetics that clog your pores), you can always add a wee bit of your liquid/cream foundation or concealer to it for that healthy coverage.

Step 2 – Tight line your upper lash line, ideally with an organic eye pencil, and finish it up with some mascara, to open up your peepers.

Step 3 – Use a cheek tint or balm with a subtle hue or shine on the apples of your cheeks for a dewy glow. No contouring or tribal face painting required.

In-case of excessively oily skin, applying powder after a creamy consistency would be necessary.

Step 4 –Colour your lips in with a peach, light brown, apricot or raisin coloured lipstick or liner that’s matte in texture and lightweight in application. Make sure it’s also a part of the crew in your handbag, because you’d have to re-apply your lipstick during the course of your day.

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