Secret makeup tricks to cover up blemishes and acne

Secret makeup tricks to cover up blemishes and acne

  • Hide blemishes and dark circles with these secret makeup tricks, designed to combat the most common skin imperfections. In makeup we trust.So, you’ve been following the no-makeup makeup trend for months which pairs a flawless base with a radiant glow in a way that makes it seem like you just woke up with the perfect skin. But what if you don’t have a flawless canvas to begin with? What if your skin is insane like many of us with spots, blemishes, dark circles and acne scars? For many, problematic skin can give rise to imperfections which can be a barrier to creating a flawless and smooth makeup look. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be!If you want your blemishes and acne scars seemingly disappear for the day, we have got these amazing makeup tricks for you. Sounds like a tough job, but it’s nothing that our round up cannot handle.

    Clean your face

    Before you apply as much as a drop of makeup, make sure you prep your skin by cleaning it thoroughly removing all the dirt that might have settled throughout the day on your face.

    Prime time

    Prep your complexion with a primer that will smooth over any problem areas and brighten the whole face. Although sunscreen is a must for all, ladies with dry skin should use a moisturizer long with the primer.

    Moist lips

    Use a lip balm to moisten your lips right about now so that eventually when you apply your lipstick or lip gloss, you have the softest and most supple lips.

    Use concealer like a pro

    Apply a generous amount of concealer for ample coverage. Make sure you cover each side of the blemish by applying the concealer on the spot in an “X” pattern. Now dab the concealer with the pads of your (clean!) fingers.

    We suggest you use as less chemicals as possible in your makeup products so as to not aggravate the blemishes or acne on your skin. Try this super good organic and natural cream concealer which can also be used to give a foundation-like coverage (yes, that’s right!) just by mixing your favourite moisturizer or primer.

    You can also use an under-eye corrector. Make sure you dab it because we are covering up the blemishes. In order to reduce the glossiness and shine on your face, just puff some white face powder with a fan brush. This will make the look a little more matt and natural.

    Foundation for the forehead

    Now to cover the forehead, apply few dots of the foundation and use a brush in circular motion to spread it. Again, do not blend too much as we are trying to cover up spots, blemishes and acne scars if any.

    Even out the skin tone

    Use a single or combination of loose powder and blend it all over your face and neck to make the skin tone look even and free of any spots or imperfections.

    Final settled and natural look

    Go for a setting spray all over your face once the makeup is done and then just use a face puff to pat it down. This will make the whole look settled, natural and beautiful.

    Give your cheeks a little sweetness

    Do not shy away from adding a slight pop of colour on your face. Use this balm-like blush for a natural glow. Apply sparingly over cheeks with fingers or a blush brush and blend well into the skin for a perfect natural tint.

    Draw attention to your eyes and lips

    Don’t let your spots rule. Just be clever with where you draw attention to. Strong makeup looks such as smoky eyes or a statement lip are a great way of detracting from problematic skin. To take it up a notch and erase any tiredness, curl your eye lashes and use a mascara to let all the makeup come together. And how can we forget a nice nude lipstick!

    There, you’re good to go. Let your hair down and go enjoy the day as you have nothing to fear.

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    Words by Kirtika Biyani

    For Ruby’s Organics

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