Self Care: A Power Move

Self Care: A Power Move

Female (everybody that goes by the pronouns She/Her)

We have only began to see the true power of the word and the strength in being one.

Age, skin colour, hair, eyes, body shapes and the little things that makes us human are often used to divide us into categories. Our strengths may vary but together we are the strongest we can be.

Our quirks and our imperfections might make us different but they make us, us. We each have a quality that is unique to us and we at Ruby’s Organics celebrate women that celebrate themselves.

For the go-getters, for the caretakers and the dreamers, self care and self love take a back seat. It’s hard to keep check of the subliminal things that make us happy while our social medias keep reminding us of how we have to be achievers.

A glass of wine, a long shower, a good book, a delicious breakfast, putting on a little makeup, that perfect highlighter, finding the shade of lipstick you’ve looking for, for ages are the tiny things you can do for yourself that will make you happy. In fact, they’ll make the goals you’ve been chasing after a mindful process instead of a rush.

Spending time on yourself helps you discover yourself and grow.

You are either running to finish your makeup or your makeup bag is now in some corner of some drawer, which is completely okay but what good is a task if it does not bring you joy? It’s getting increasingly easy to get lost in the race to making your name in an unforgiving environment.

Loving yourself self should be part of the hustle, taking time out for yourself should be a part of your routine instead of ‘wasted time’. That makes self care a power move and we’re all for it!

This women’s day let’s make a promise to ourselves to not feel guilty about taking time out, to care of yourself, of your skin, of your hair and to never again take our bodies for granted.

We’ve heard the phrase ‘women for women’ numerous times in the past years, let’s start being that for each other. Let’s be each other’s biggest cheerleaders and be there to remind each other that you should take a break.

As a woman, write in the comment section below the best advice you’ve ever received and would love to share with everybody.


Words by Unnati Jagnani

Guest writer for Ruby’s Organics

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