Crème Blush – Tan

An earthy toned cream blush


• Made up of wood and aluminium
• 100% vegetarian
• 100% cruelty-free, not tested on animals
• 100% plastic-free


The Angled Foundation brush is soft yet firm enough to carefully deposit the product into every tiny crease and crevice of the skin, dispersing product equally for even coverage. Use the brush in gentle circular motions for best results. The Blush side of the brush is designed specially to gently tap our creme formula into the apples of your cheeks, along your cheekbones (in case of a highlighter) or in the hollows of your cheeks ( in case of the bronzer) to blend and even out the desired pigment. The dome-shaped head is perfected for tapping in the product. Avoid dragging.


As purposeful as it is ingenious, this dual-function brush allows you to achieve a flawless base as well as a seamlessly blended Blush / Highlighter. This product is ideally suited to complement and aid in the application of our creme blush, highlighter, bronzer, and foundation. 100% Vegetarian. No Animal testing.