Take it off!

Upcycled Cleansing Pads


• Upcycled
• Reusable
• Made from factory fabric scrap
• Gently removes makeup and exfoliates skin
• To be gently hand washed


Your skin deserves gentle care, and so does our environment. These reusable cotton pads can be added to your regime to cleanse, tone and moisturise while gently removing makeup and exfoliating skin.

Add a dollop of your favourite skincare essentials on these to thoroughly cleanse, tone or moisturise. Ideal for the removal of eye makeup and nail paint, makeup corrections, toning, cleansing and also for cleaning of any wounds.


Made in collaboration with the eco-fashion brand ‘Doodlage’, these limited edition cleansing pads are upcycled and curated from factory fabric scrap that is meticulously collected and cleaned.
It is because of this conscious method of upcycling that limited stock is available only while these materials last.


Made from factory scrap to implement a zero-waste approach. A set of 4 pads, 3 are made from upcycled terry cloth and 1 from upcycled cotton blend.