Simple Makeup Tips for your Gorgeous Dark Skin

Simple Makeup Tips for your Gorgeous Dark Skin

The no-makeup make up look that everybody loves, this time, for our dark skin beauties!

We know the struggle of choosing the right colours and tones to make your skin look perfectly radiant and at the same time – natural. Does looking at all the makeup tutorials and guides leave you confused? Do you need something that is quick, simple and most importantly brings out your NATURAL glow? Well, we have got the ultimate guide that has some serious potential to become your go-to makeup routine. Why, because it involves 4 steps (yes, just 4 steps!) to give you the perfect combination of radiant yet subtle looking skin.

  1. Moisturize and Protect

The number one tip for a healthy-looking skin has to be religious application of a mild moisturizer. Really, really invest in moisturizers with optimum SPF for sun protection. This will save your time and also give your skin the much-needed protection from harmful UV rays.

Don’t forget your lips!

You do not want chapped lips while your face looks amazingly dewy. Go for a moisture-rich lip balm that hydrates and softens your lips.

Have some fun with a tinted lip balm – Click here to try a cinnamon smelling tinted red lip balm infused with natural ingredients.

Tip #101: Nothing shouts “healthy” like an everyday organic moisturizer that nourishes your skin without causing any harm.

  1. Conceal

A concealer is a gift from heaven as it helps you hide blemishes and erase dark circles. But the trick is to find the right shade of concealer for your skin tone. Also make sure the concealer gives you a smooth, natural-looking coverage and is long lasting. Dot the concealer around the eyes, mouth and sides of the nose and dab outward to blend.

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Tip #102: When applying the concealer, you always want to dab and never rub to ensure getting optimum coverage.

  1. Blush

Nothing makes you look as naturally pretty as a little sun-kissed colour on your face and a light flush on your cheeks. But sometimes you need a little help from the cosmetic gods and this is where blush comes to the rescue. We like crème blushes as they give you a natural glow. Go for shades like rose, deep orange and coral. Don’t let the bold colours intimidate you, as they will come off as subtle against your complexion and lend just enough colour to give you a true flush.

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Tip #103: Remember to start two finger spaces away from your nose – you don’t want to blush all over your face; just where it’s flattering to.

  1. Lipstick

Here comes our favourite and the most fun part of makeup! Isn’t playing with the lip colours something that we all love to do?  Deep shades of lipsticks such as plums, wines and deep reds are the best colours for dark skinned girls. Berry hues will instantly warm up your complexion and make your pout stand out. Either way, feel free to experiment!

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Tip #104: Make sure you choose a lipstick that benefits you like a lip balm and is not too harsh on your skin.

Simple and natural looking makeup tutorial with just 4 steps. Easy, right? We hope we could help you with makeup that doesn’t look made up!

Shine on.

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Words by : Kritika Biyani

Photo credit : Giano Currie

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