The Power Of Makeup

The Power Of Makeup

Makeup is an incredible and underrated thing. It carries more power than we give it credit for but before we talk about it let’s get one thing out of the way.

Us women have judged other women for knowing how to use makeup, for putting on what we feel is ‘too much’ or what we believe is ‘too little’, which often leads to most people being ashamed of admitting that they actually enjoy doing makeup and applying it, even if it is tiniest amount of concealer.


I am so glad I have friends that have taught me what works for me and how to do the most basic stuff, be that friend. For next time, remember when you go online and instead of thinking what is wrong with somebodys lipstick or highlighter, remember that what a person uses and how a person chooses to do their makeup is not our business and if it makes them happy, why rain on their parade.


Speaking of powers, did you know that makeup is often used as a form of therapy with dementia patients? It helps them relax and even stimulate their brain. It has been a source of confidence for men and women worldwide for over a  few decades, to forget insecurities and move on with your day.

I’ve read countless stories on how makeup has helped people with depression, imagine a simple swipe of liner being the reason you can get out of bed and do everyday tasks.


Almost 4 year ago Nikkie Tutorial came out with the video The Power of Makeup and it brought tears to most eyes. This established the grounds worldwide for girls to be able to accept that makeup is more than just

Is makeup wonderful? YES! Why? because…

  1. The process of transformation (even if it is little) is almost empowering.
  2. It is undeniably an art and you just have to figure out what works for you. It works how you want it to. Zero rules!
  3. You get the ‘Me time’ you very much deserve.
  4. Makeup is magic and it’s only aim is to empower.


A simple swipe of lipstick or the simple application of kajal can make you feel so much more put together and tackle the day better. Makeup does not have to be going all the way and buying every product and brush you can find in Sephora but doing what feels good to you. A fresher face is always great and so what if it is because of a little aid. Beauty is what is on the inside, makeup is just another tool that helps intensify it.


We are now in 2019 and it is a good time to be the person you want to be and if its being a makeup loving person, we are all for it!

P.S: It is always better if it’s organic and au natural ?

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