The ultimate UNDER EYE CIRCLES guide

The ultimate UNDER EYE CIRCLES guide

After coming across hundreds of questions about those pesky under eye circles, we decided to create the ultimate under eye circles guide just for you. With this guide, we hope to help all those who are stressed out about how to handle their own under eye circle situations. So, read, follow and do what you can instead of stressing, because stress makes them worse anyway. ?

Through this guide, we will show you how to handle under eye circles from grass root level –

  1. Prevention of under eye circles
  2. Identifying the different kinds of under eye circle situations
  3. Under eye circles fixes
  4. Finally – Camouflaging under eye circles with makeup!


First of all, we want to avoid them from happening if at all possible!

The 4 most important rules worth knowing –

Don’t smoke | Drink plenty of water | Easy on the sugar & soda | Get your rest

These are in fact the most common pieces of advice but following them helps for real. You should know if you’ve eaten a lot of sugar + soda one day, you should try to “drown” it with 3 glasses of water the same size.


Next, we need to discuss the difference kinds of under eye situations you could be dealing with –

A lot of the time when we talk about under eye issues we group them into one problem when it’s usually one of two problems or a mixture of both. It could be under eye dark circles or puffy under eyes. Most of the time the causes go hand in hand but the fixes can be quite different. But it’s also important to note that they aren’t always avoidable. For many of us they are hereditary and can naturally become more prominent with age.


Home remedies | Under eye creams | Injectables

Home Remedies

Cucumbers – Cooled and rested on the eyes for 5-15 minutes. These are natural de-puffers as they contain a number of antioxidants like vitexin, orientin, and cucurbitacins, which help treat under eye dark circles and REALLY help get rid of that “Are you tired?” edge.

Green Tea Bags – Dip them in water, refrigerate and rest on eyes for 15 minutes. Dark circles are caused when the blood vessels under the eyes are dilated. Green tea helps in reducing this as it contains tannins that have astringent properties.

Other home remedies worth trying are aloe vera gel, sweet almond oil, tomato and jojoba oil.

Under Eye Creams

Before purchasing any dark circle treatment cream, you have to ensure that it contains active ingredients that can give optimum results. These active ingredients include vitamin K that helps to reduce dilated blood vessels, and vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acids that aid the stimulation of collagen production of the skin.


The more expensive and invasive option is hyaluronic acid or Botox injections. These are used as fillers for even out serious under eye bags.  Of course, it is more invasive than anything topical so if you do go that route be vigilant in getting it done by someone you trust.


The final step is makeup.

Always use a hydrating under eye cream first to moisturize the area under your eyes. It helps depuff the under eye circles a little bit.

For under eye dark circles: If the colour is a deep dark that looks ashy, then first start with an orange or salmon colour concealer. This is used to effortlessly correct your skin colour. Now use a brightening concealer to brighten up and cover the darkness. These shades are suggestive for fair skin tone. Different shades of concealers can be used for darker skin tones accordingly.

For under eye bags: The trick is to create an illusion to make them look less visible. Use a light concealer and while applying, trace it right along the eye bag you have. Do not blend or apply it all over the under eye area, literally trace it right where the bag is. Now you can use a crème concealer from the inner corner of the eye to the ouster corner and down the side of the nose. That tends to level off the whole area which softens the look of the puffiness. Then take a beauty blender and lightly blend. It definitely helps lift and diminish that shadow.

Lock all the makeup with a translucent powder in patting motion so that it lasts all day.

Hope this guide helped you understand the under eye circles problem and how to correctly address it.

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Words by Kirtika Biyani,

For Ruby’s Organics

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