Why Clean Beauty Should Be More Than Just A Trend

Why Clean Beauty Should Be More Than Just A Trend

New Year is round the corner and so are all the New Year Resolutions that we are all guilty of making but never keeping up with them. Most of them relate to self care and self improvement. I definitely am guilty of the classic ‘will get fit’.

Why Clean Beauty?

We all have tried or atleast know somebody who has tried a diet, our guess, keto. Plant based diets gained popularity this year and clean eating was almost a revolution in how we are eating and consuming. We are all making an attempt to take care of our health, both mental and physical but what about the topical, our skin.

A major part of clean beauty is eating good and exercising but would is that all there is to healthy skin? We all seem to forget about the kind of products we use on our skin.

We are quick to check the ingredients in what we are consuming which is great and important but it is high time we start looking at the ingredients of what we our making our skin consume.

Our skin is designed to absorb everything that is put on it and makeup is an unavoidable part of our life, we love it and why shouldn’t we if it makes us feel good. What we can do is to use the right stuff, the good stuff. Not only will that not cause any harm but actually help improve your skin.

What makes them better? The raw material that goes into it. Natural pigments, quality ingredients and real skin benefits. You never have to compromise on your skin for perfect makeup again. Most clean beauty brands make products that are made for sensitive skin, cause very little irritation and are paraben free.

How Do I Make The Switch?

Read and research.

Switching to clean beauty isn’t a very quick process but a more learn as you go kind. There are communities all over the internet that actively discuss, review and provide incredible information that could help you make the right choices like the Clean Beauty Co and the Ruby’s Organics Blog.

Worried about the costs and what if you don’t find the right shade? Don’t be. There are numerous international and homegrown brands that make no compromises on shades or quality and are actually affordable. They make sure you are not compromising on your health and still fulfilling your beauty requirements.

Clean beauty shouldn’t just be a trend but a lifestyle. Let’s make this our new year resolution and #MakeTheSwitch.

If you have already made the switch we would love to know your stories and maybe your story could inspire somebody else to make the switch as well.

Here’s to healthy skin!

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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