Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush
Dual Ended Brush


Dual Ended Brush

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A blush and angled foundation brush

As purposeful as it is ingenious, this dual-function brush allows you to use natural makeup to achieve a flawless base as well as a seamlessly blended blush/highlighter. This product is ideally suited to complement and aid in the application of our crème blushes, highlighters, bronzer, and foundations. 

✓ 100% Vegan ✓ Multi-tasking ✓ Made with Synthetic Hair Bristles 

* Suitable for all skin types

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Made up of synthetic hair, wood & aluminium
100% Vegan
100% Cruelty-free, not tested on animals
100% Plastic-free

Better because

Disperses product equally for even coverage
Soft yet firm enough to carefully deposit the product into every tiny crease and crevice of the skin

How it works

The angled foundation brush is soft yet firm enough to carefully deposit the product into every tiny crease and crevice of the skin, dispersing the product equally for even coverage. Use the brush in gentle circular motions for best results.
The Blush side of the brush is designed specially to gently tap our crème formula into the apples of your cheeks, along your cheekbones (in case of a highlighter), or in the hollows of your cheeks ( in case of the bronzer) to blend and even out the desired pigment. The dome-shaped head is perfected for tapping in the product. Avoid dragging.

Care instructions

Wash and rinse with mild cleanser or shampoo at least once in a week and dry thoroughly before next use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Tara Chopra
Better than ANY OTHER brush I've owned!

The smoothest and BEST foundation and brush I’ve ever bought! This beats my Charlotte Tilbury and Huda brushes too. Every product just blends like a dream. It's so soft and comfortable to hold. Definitely one of my favourites!

Ashna Anand
Nice and soft

This brush is perfect for putting concealer, blush and foundation. It is really soft.

Urvashi Sharma

Good, fun product!

Pallavi Lilhare

It is handy, travel friendly.
Gives smooth finish.
Please launch same type of eye brushes also.

Great brush.

This is a nifty brush that blends foundation well and is also perfect at the other end for applying compact or powder. Best of all, it’s magically easy to clean. Highly recommended.

Arunima Nath
Blends perfectly

Gives good finishing.

Great brush

The best brush I have used. Gives a good finish for foundation. And the same brush works for setting powder and blush as well

Plaksha Aggarwal

Great brush! Soft bristle and very easy to blend the product with it.

Pooja Agrawal
Too good

Amazing makeup brush with very soft bristles

neha sharma
Multi purpose brush

Smaller brush is for application of blush and contour/bronzer
Bigger foundation brush is for blending foundation,blush and contour/bronzer.. bristles are densely packed. Handle is luxurious..Truly multi purpose.

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