The Ruby Rewards Program

If you need help or information about earning and redeeming your points, or click here and just chat with us on whatsapp


🌿 How I can earn Ruby Points?


You earn Ruby Points every time you complete the following activities with us:

1. Place an order on our website - earn 1 point for every Rs. 1 spent

2. Write a product review - earn 250 points

3. Follow us on Instagram - earn 500 points

4. Like us on Facebook - earn 500 points

5. Signup for the Ruby Rewards program - earn 500 points

6. Celebrate your birthday - 500 points


🌿 How can I redeem my points?


So our Ruby Rewards program is quite simple - once you've earned a minimum of 4000 points, you can redeem them into a discount code (Rs. 1 = 25 points) and get a discount on your next order! Remember the points you earn are valid for life :)


🌿 Can I refer my friends/ family and get a discount?


Yes of course! We're always keen to grow our community of clean beauty lovers, as we want more people to use cleaner, non toxic makeup. 

So every time you refer someone, they get Rs. 300 off their first order, and you get Rs. 300 off your next order.