Ruby’s Gift Card

From Rs. 500.0 to Rs. 50,000.0

Smoked Kohl – Brown

Super blendable and highly nourishing Kohl + brow filler

Rs. 650.0

Smoked Kohl – Black

Super blendable and highly nourishing Kohl + liner

Rs. 650.0

Crème Bronze

A creamy bronzer with a luminous tint.

Rs. 1,100.0

Stellar – Loose Powder Pigment

A golden-hued mineral eyeshadow and highlighter

Rs. 850.0

Electrum – Loose Powder Pigment

A champagne silver Eyeshadow & Highlighter

Rs. 850.0

Concealer – Light

A lightweight cream concealer for fair skin tones

Rs. 1,100.0

Concealer – Neutral

A lightweight cream concealer for fair to medium skin

Rs. 1,100.0

Concealer – Deep

A lightweight cream concealer for deeper skin tones

Rs. 1,100.0

Crème Blush – Poppy Pink

A rosy toned cream blush

Rs. 1,100.0

Crème Blush – Deep Rose

An Earthy Pink

Rs. 1,100.0

Crème Blush – Tan

An earthy toned cream blush

Rs. 1,100.0

Crème Highlighter – Aura

A Subtle Gold Highlighter

Rs. 1,100.0

Crème Highlighter – Illuminate

A peach-toned highlighter

Rs. 1,100.0

Crème Blush – Peach

A warm salmon colored cream blush

Rs. 1,100.0

Crème Blush – Orchid

A cool Lilac coloured cream blush

Rs. 1,100.0

Toffee – Lip Oil Gloss

A sheer warm nude tint

Rs. 800.0

Sangria – Lip Oil Gloss

A sheer deep wine tint

Rs. 800.0

Rani Lipstick

Deeply Pigmented Rani Pink Coloured

Rs. 990.0

Cocoa Lipstick

Warm Nude Coloured

Rs. 990.0

Sherry Lipstick

Soft Berry Coloured

Rs. 990.0

Rhubarb Lipstick

Burnt Rose coloured

Rs. 990.0

Berry Lipstick

Brown with purple undertones

Rs. 990.0

Raisin Lipstick

Brown with red undertones

Rs. 990.0

Brick Lipstick

Bright Crimson coloured

Rs. 990.0

Roseate Lipstick

Fuschia coloured

Rs. 990.0

Apricot Lipstick

Terracotta coloured

Rs. 990.0

Burgundy Lipstick

Deep Wine coloured

Rs. 990.0

Nuddy Lipstick

Nude Pink coloured

Rs. 990.0

Plum Lipstick

Bright Purple with Red undertones

Rs. 990.0
Sold Out

Sweet Pea Lipstick

Lilac coloured

Rs. 990.0

Mauve Lipstick

Pale Purple coloured

Rs. 990.0

Bare Lipstick

Nude Brown coloured

Rs. 990.0

Festive Gift Kit

Adding to your arsenal for the festive season

Rs. 2,740.0 Rs. 2,440.0

Golden Hour

Achieve that luminous, subtle yet sculpted look complete with a bit of shine.

Rs. 2,940.0 Rs. 2,640.0

No Makeup-Makeup

We believe less is more

Rs. 2,740.0 Rs. 2,440.0

High- Shine

Effortless Luminous Look

Rs. 4,040.0 Rs. 3,540.0

Ruby’s Essentials Kit

Our personal favorites bundled together

Rs. 2,740.0 Rs. 2,440.0

Blush + Foundation Dual Ended Brush

A dual-ended blush and angled foundation brush

Rs. 900.0